Ronja is a singer/songwriter. She's writing mostly pop and pop with a dark twist.

She's born in Finland but is curretly studying for a vocal degree in London, UK.

She is a self-taught guitar player, and started to teach herself play piano when she was just a couple of 

years old. 

She heard songs on TV or radio and learned to play the songs she wanted to play by ear. 

Ronja studied music theory for 4 years and took piano lessons for 7-9 years back in Finland. She studied 

music and performance for a year in Finland. She started to write her own music in a very early age in  

her first language, Swedish. Later on when she was about 17 years old she changed her song writing into 


"I love music, to perform and to write original songs. I've always known that


music I'm supposed to do and I remember when I was maybe 5-6 years old, I

stood on my parents’ bed, had songs played by my favourite artistes and 

pretending that it was me who had a concert".

She released her first single in January, 2015 and is planning to release 2

more singles before the summer and an EP before 2016.

Visit her youtube channel on: